Real Estate Law

Lawyers at Olson, Lucas, Redford & Wahlberg have handled many transactions in real estate (residential, commercial, etc.) representing the interests of buyers, sellers, lenders, developers, builders, and brokers in various deals.  They have an understanding of how various rights can best be expressed in purchase and sale agreements; letters of intent; options.

We have significant experience in representing rights of those looking either to enforce, or to exit a purchase agreement.

We often review the title commitment (commitment for policy of title insurance) and closing documents for the parties.  We could be called on to look over a loan commitment or the loan closing documents such as Promissory Note, Mortgage, or Settlement Statement.

We have assisted parties to bring or defend lawsuits for specific performance meaning that one party is trying to force a reneging party to sell, or to buy.  The other may be looking to withdraw from a sale due to dissatisfaction with financing, inspections, Phase Ones, or looking to sell a property As Is.

Scott Lucas of OLRW co-authored a portion of The Minnesota Real Estate Purchase & Sale Deskbook, 2010, for Buyers and Sellers with the Minnesota State Bar Association. This Deskbook is in use by lawyers.  Lucas’ sections deal with Seller Disclosures, in particular.

Our lawyers have significant experience determining whether title insurance can be obtained to correct a title problem, and whether some type of quiet title lawsuit could be used to correct problems.  At times, either an endorsement, or an escrow may be used to address a title issue.

Boundary actions-our lawyers have years of experience solving boundary problems using legal theories adverse possession or practical location (boundary by practical location).  Please see related publications by our attorneys in the publication section.

Access to real estate is always critical. Tom Olson actually mediated one case where the only access was across a river.  Access must be allowed for-it may be insured in a title insurance policy.  However, title insurance may insure only there is some access, not the access which appeared visually to be the legal access.

And access can be sometimes cut off by construction of a fence or closing a gate.  We can advise property owners on the various rights to enter on real estate or to cross the land of another.