Tom Olson has served for many years as a mediator of civil lawsuits in their earliest stages, and immediately before trial.  Mr. Olson is board certified as a civil litigation specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association with over 30 years experience.  He has handled hundreds of real estate, title insurance, boundary, mortgage priority, mechanic’s lien and general commercial litigation matters on behalf of individuals, investors, contractors and subs, title insurance companies and title insureds.

Mediation can be less costly, more efficient alternate to highly expensive, time consuming litigation.  Lawsuit can take a company away from its true focus, i.e. selling and delivering products and services.  Mediation occurs in a confidential, low risk, high reward environment.  The mediator listens separately to all sides of a dispute, allowing parties a chance to vocalize their views on facts and law; and hear immediate response from the mediator on his views as to how likely a Judge or Jury may be to receive their case favorably.

The Mediator won’t report to the Judge or prejudice the Court if parties do not come to a settlement.  Litigation can cost tens of thousands of dollars while mediation can resolve cases in just one day.

If requested, confidentiality in a settlement can be maintained protecting parties from any admission of liability or fault, or other embarrassment in participation in litigation.

Mediating parties can control their outcome, accepting or rejecting offers; and controlling the precise details of a resolution instead of leaving the outcome in the hands of third parties who will not understand the dispute in the way the participants do.