The firm’s guiding policies respecting litigation are to prepare well and then vigorously represent our clients’ interests while treating all parties, lawyers, and the court with honesty and respect. Contrary to the common misperception, well-prepared lawyers can vigorously advocate for their clients while maintaining a cooperative attitude with the Court and counsel. This approach is not only idealistic, but bottom-line pragmatic, reducing needless conflicts, inefficiencies, and litigation costs.

Almost by definition, litigation means that certain critical decisions and circumstances are beyond our client’s control, and that outcomes are uncertain. Nevertheless, we seek to avoid litigation, where appropriate, by realistically assessing the risks and benefits of that course of action, including a review of potential outcomes and associated costs. Once in litigation, we will employ mediation and arbitration where appropriate, but will try the case – to a jury, a court, or an arbitrator – when that is the only reasonable approach to resolve a dispute.