Appellate Practice

At Olson, Lucas, Redford & Wahlberg, our team of attorneys has a strong record of significant victories in the appellate courts.  These victories stem from our ability to identify appellate issues early on in the litigation, protect and preserve issues for appeal, and craft creative briefs and compelling oral arguments to successfully protect our clients’ interests on appeal.  We take pride in our ability to provide “straight talk” to an audience of judges on issues that can otherwise be quite complex.

Our Credentials

Our team of attorneys enjoys an extensive background and experience in appellate practice.  Our attorneys have appeared before and successfully represented clients on appeals before both the Minnesota Supreme Court and the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  They have behind-the-scenes knowledge of the inner workings of the court and provide an edge for our clients on appeal.

Our Services

Our attorneys view every aspect of the litigation process with an eye to potential appellate issues.  This includes:

• Presenting summary judgment and other pretrial motions

• Preserving error throughout the trial

• Preparing post-verdict motions

• Researching, analyzing and writing effective appellate briefs

• Presenting oral arguments